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We are active and creative people with good sense of humor, which are in love with life, world, human being and each other. We know how to enjoy life and we want you are also enjoying life, nature and adventure… AT LEAST during your visit Norway!!!.


visit Norway

30 years old

- Journalist, Photographer, business women and active Traveler

I visited more than 50 countries around the world (Europe, South America and almost all Asia).

I like diving, I have Rescue PADI certificate and more than 200 dives. I remember, than I saw first time shark under water, my heart almost stopped, but I was at same time thinking: “That’s amazing beautiful creature!”

I like trekking and adventure. I experienced it in different countries, and I’m sure, that Norway is one of the best countries for trekking.

I like surfing. I was studying to do surfing in Philippines about one month and if I’ll have opportunities I will continue this. Now I’m trying to stand up on Snowboard.

I like to eat fruits and veggies, I tried almost all exotic fruits and I’m in love with Asian Durians.
I also tried to eat Cobra-snake, scorpions, mangroves warms, grasshoppers… and other exotic dishes, and I can’t tell that I liked something.

I practiced yoga and meditations in Thailand and India.

I like photography — to take pictures, and to be on them. The life made joke with me — my father is professional photographer. :) So, we always have something to speak about with him.

I was working like journalist for 5 years and I still keep writing.

I like reading books, watching movies and listening music… But it is long story, better to speak about this then we meet :).

I like very much Norway, because it has fabulous nature. When I visited first time Norway I decided to come back.

I like to do something people are smiling. If I can do people smiling in Norway it is even better.


Visit Norway with Caravan-hotel

34 years

- Professional driver, Sportsman, active Traveler

I visited more than 30 countries (Europe and Asia).

I like sport: handball, volleyball, basketball, football, cycling, jogging, tennis, badminton, climbing, swimming, kayaking, surfing, yoga…
I’m also playing in professional Handball team.

I like nature and dynamic lifestyle. Traveling, trekking, sea, rivers, mountains, jungles….. and everything adventures.

I’m doing winter sports — skiing, snowboarding, winter hikes.

The best trekking for me is in mountains. When you hike and rich the top with terrific panorama, you can get sensation that there is voice of nature and feeling «I’m part of this incredible world!».

I like to drive and driving is part of my life. I’m driving since I was 19 years old: mopeds, motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors, caravans, motorhomes … My friends are joking that I can drive everything that has at least one wheel. I have almost all categories in my driving license for all kinds of vehicles.

Roads in Norway are amazing! They are very beautiful but also very challenging! Not so many countries can offer such scenic roads like Norway! Norway is country number one for spectacular mountain roads!

I like reading books, visiting theater, cinema …… music, dancing, entertainment.

I like natural things. I love nature and my girlfriend.

With Love,
Caravan Adventure

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