Why Norway?


  1. To visit Fjords. Fjords of Norway are natural wonders. It is connection of magnificent colors of water and incredible views of mountains and rocks.

Visit Norway fjords

  1. To visit lakes. Norway has thousands of lakes. More than Finland and Russia.

Visit Norway lakes

  1. To travel during white nights. In the summer Norway becomes a land of the Midnight Sun. The day lasts very long, in the northern part of Norway – even 24 hours! Have you ever experienced white nights?

Visit Norway

  1. To visit historical places. Norway has a rich history. It is country of Vikings and royal families. It has amazing historical cities like Fredrikstad Fortress and Bergen.

Visit Norway

  1. To find evidence of the existence of Trolls. Norway is country of magic. Norway is motherland of Troll and Gnomes. When you will see the amount of tunnels in rocks and mountains, Trolltunga (Tongue of Troll) rock and Trollstigen (Troll road), it will be difficult not to believe that Trolls do not exist.

Visit Norway Troll

  1. To travel in endless tunnels. Norway has world’s longest tunnels. Tunnels are in rocks, under glaciers and even under the sea-level.

Visit Norway

  1. To see wild life. It is easy to find elks and deers next to the road in Norway. Very common also are foxes, wolves, hears, squirrels. Norway has more than 200 species of birds. In the water you can see seals, beavers and even whales.

Visit Norway

  1. To do trekking. Norway is perfect place for trekking. It has amazing nature. It is not hot in the summer, but comfortable weather and Norway can offer something unforgettable like Kjeragbolten, Preikestolen or Trolltunga.

Visit Norway

  1. To visit most beautiful roads of Europe. Norway has amazing amount of scenic roads. Most famous is Trollstigen.

Visit Norway Troll Road

  1. To get an unique experience of Caravan Adventure. Now it is possible to travel in Norway by caravan without any effort with Caravan-hotel and its team.

Tours to Norway

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If you still have any doubts — just watch this:

Caravan Adventure

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