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Special Offers and Discounts for Tours to Norway

Norway ToursGood News for everyone, who wants to visit Norway!

We have Special Offers for Tours to Norway by Caravan-Hotel!!! You can get one of our Exclusive private Tours with big discount!

All Tours are for 2 persons and minimum booking is also for 2 persons. If you want to go alone by Caravan-Hotel to Norway any way you should book for 2 persons :) . If you don’t have somebody to go with to Norway by Caravan-Hotel you can try to find second person by yourself or SEND REQUEST TO US, because maybe somebody else can’t find a partner for this amazing travel!

Visit Norway ToursBe the First!

Be the First Person, who reserved one of our Package Tours to Norway in the season 2015, and get 10% discount!
Minimum reservation is for 2 person, because Caravan-Hotel has 2 single beds or one big King-Size bed. Check Caravan-Hotel facilities.


Visit Norway discountsDiscount for Couples

We have special discounts for couples:
– 300 euro per one of our Tours to Norway (2 persons) + Photo-session!



Gay Friendly hotelDiscount for Gay-Couples 

We are gay-friendly hotel. We are happy to accommodate you! If you are gay-couple and you want to visit Norway with our Caravan-Hotel, you will get Discount for Couples:
— 300 euro per one of our Tours to Norway (2 persons)+Photo-session!

Offer is available only for REAL GAY’s!

 If you have any questions, comments or want to book Tour to Norway — Contact us!

Trolltunga visit NorwayExclusive Tours for visiting Norway. For our Tours we collected The Best of The Best of Norway sights. We offer you to visit places there Tour operators are not bringing tourists.


Visit Norway by caravan-hotelCaravan-Hotel facilities. It is luxery, it is comfortable, it has separate bathroom and hot shower and it is moving anywhere you wish!


Visit Norway by caravan-hotel Why it is better to visit Norway with Caravancho? We offer not only Exclusive Tours to Norway, we offer you an unique experience like nobody else!


Visit Norway caravan hotel10 Reasons to visit Norway Things to do in Norway. Why you should visit Norway at least once in your life!


Visit NorwayTeam of Caravancho. Why we are doing «Visit Norway.Caravan Adventure» project? Who we are? Get to know us better!


Visit Norway caravan hotel Why it is better to visit Norway with caravan? To visit Norway is amazing experience to visit Norway wiht caravan it is something you can not describe in one word!