Tour 4: Your itinerary for Norway Tour

If you like some of our Tours to Norway, but you want to travel longer (more days) or you want to visit along the route some other places that are not included in our itinerary, you are Welcome to WRITE US about this! We are very flexible! Or maybe you didn’t like any of our Tours? You have more options!

If you checked our Exclusive Tours to Norway and you didn’t find any that suit you well, you can offer your itinerary, with list of places, what you want to visit in Norway and amount of Days of travel. But this itinerary should be reasonable. :)

Trolltunga Norway«Exclusive Tour: Kjerag, Preikestolen, Trolltunga, Bergen, Oslo»  Are you sportive? Do you like walking, trekking and hiking? This tour for exploring nature beauty of Norway — is the best choice for you!


Tours to Norway Atlantic Ocean RoadExclusive Tour: Most scenic roads of Norway! Most famous scenic roads of Norway in one Tour! Trollstigen (Road of Troll) and Atlantic Ocean Road are waiting for you! + nice walking or trekking in Rondane Nationa Park.


Tours to Norway

Exclusive Tour: Scenic roads of Norway + Trolltunga Do you want to explore scenic roads of Norway and to have crazy pictures on the Tongue of Troll? This mixed Tour offers these opportunities!


Norway ToursGood discounts for Tours!!!

We have discounts for first customer of season and also for couples (including gay-couples)!


Visit Norway with usVisit Norway. Caravan Adventure project

“Visit Norway. Caravan Adventure” project — it is chance to visit places of Norway, there tour companies are not bringing tourists.


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Caravan-Hotel facilities.  

Caravan-Hotel is exceptional hotel, because it is moving.


Visit Norway caravan hotelWhy it is better to visit Norway with Caravan-Hotel?

We offer not only Exclusive Tours to Norway, we offer special service and Adventure!


Visit NorwayTeam of Caravan-Hotel.

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